It begins with you

Team-Builder par Excellence


It begins with you

Team-Builder par Excellence

Teamwork begins with you because, at ABB, every great product is the result of great minds coming together.

Today, I lead a team of 22 researchers in the fields of electrical insulation and materials technology. Our goal here in the lab is to develop new materials that will hopefully lead to great new ABB products. I think power is one of the key challenges for our world in this century and it’s in the middle of a revolution – so when we actually succeed in delivering technology that helps bring renewable energy to the grid more efficiently, it makes all of us want to work even harder.

Yet what I find almost more stimulating than the challenge is the team. Every person has a different mindset and personality, but they are all dedicated, motivated and striving for excellence. It’s one thing to have two or three people like that on a team, but when you have more than 20 – how can it not make you happy or enthusiastic about your work? That’s the treasure here and, for me, a source of energy every day. 


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My number one source of energy? The people I work with.

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PhD, Corporate Research
Västerås, Sweden

R&D for high-voltage cable systems

Claire brought her expertise in nanotechnology to ABB in 2008. Since then, she and her team have developed cutting-edge materials for a range of ABB products, including high-voltage cables that optimize the connection of offshore wind power to the grid. As a recognized academic, she also aims to strengthen the link between ABB business units and university research. Her advisory work, university partnerships and involvement in high-level projects, such as the European Graphene Initiative, help Claire – and ABB – stay close to the innovations that matter.