It begins with you

Energy Pathfinder


It begins with you

Energy Pathfinder

Impact begins with you because, at ABB, you work on projects that matter.

My main job revolves around a simulation center in Sweden, where I’ve been working on a development project for direct current grids involving control systems that keep the power flow of any network safe. I was also asked to help out on a high-priority offshore wind power project for a key customer. That means I’ve been spending a lot of time in the North Sea, on a platform that’s only reachable by helicopter! This project allows us to connect 800 megawatts of wind power to the continent – that’s a lot of power. Sometimes, I hear people in the news talk about wind power and what happens if it isn’t windy, but I can promise you that, out there, the wind is always blowing! So, the project has given me a different mindset about the power of renewables. 

Another project that really changed my perspective took place in 2012, when I went to the Democratic Republic of Congo for six months. About 4 million people had been living without reliable power for almost five years. We worked to restore a customer power station to full production so that power produced from the Congo River could be generated efficiently. I had a lot of responsibility but also the chance to see firsthand the impact of renewable energy and the work we do. It’s really something.

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It’s possible to make a difference when it comes to how we produce energy.

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Research & Development
Västerås, Sweden

Bringing renewable energy to the most unexpected places

Jonathan is a power systems development engineer who joined ABB in 2011. Since then, he has worked in Sweden, South Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Scotland – and about 80 km off the German coast. Back on land, Jonathan works in the HVDC simulation center and acts as an ABB ambassador at job fairs and universities. He also enjoys tutoring math and physics at a nearby high school, as well as the occasional game of soccer with his colleagues.